EAAS 2016 conference

The ongoing call for proposals for the 2016 EAAS conference in Constanta (Romania) closes on June 15th. Since the submission system is automated, no late proposals will be accepted.

All conference details can be found online at http://www.eaas2016.org/. Please note that the conference has a new format (no more workshops with a complicated application process) and a broader formula without a specific theme. We hope that this will encourage many EAAS members to apply.

Proposals of both individual papers and larger paper groupings are accepted. If you only have two papers for a panel but have a specific theme in mind, please feel free to submit the proposal with these two, indicating that you would need at least one more paper. The selection committee will do their best to pair you with someone whose proposal will fit your panel. International panel line-ups are encouraged but are not, by any means, necessary as the case was in the past.

The EAAS Officers and Board all wish the conference to attract as many members as possible, so please consider sending in an abstract. Also, a number of small travel grants for early-career scholars and scholars from low-GDP countries will be disbursed; the application process for these is explained online at http://eaas.eu/eaas-grants/eaas-conference-travel-grants .