AAAS 2015 Poster Workshop

The AAAS 2015 conference on Soundscapes and Sonic Cultures in America is over and our poster session was a great success! It served as a platform for Austrian PhD students to present their research, to learn about fellow Austrian PhD candidates’ work as well as to facilitate discussions with established scholars in the field of American Studies:


These are the presenters:

Marie Dücker: “Suicide in Contemporary American YA Fiction of the Late 20th and 21st Centuries”

Saskia Fürst: “Along the Lines of Aging: Remembering the Stories of Older Black Women in the U.S.: From Literature to Visual Culture”

Roberta Hofer: “The Paradox of Human Marionettes”

Silke Jandl (right): “Literary Youtube: Intermedial Interfaces between Books and Online Video”

Ranthild Salzer: “Constructions and Negotiations of Masculinities in North-American Comics”

Rebekka Schuh: “Stories in Letters – Letters in Stories: The Canadian Epistolary Short Story”